FiNN FLARE is a popular retail chain of clothes and accessories in casual style for women and men. European quality brand, registered in 1965.

FiNN FLARE has come a long and interesting way: from a small factory in a provincial Finnish city to an international brand. Some suggest that FiNN FLARE is a Russian brand posing as a European. This is not true! Its history is in many ways unique and closely connected with Russia. At the dawn of its existence, FiNN FLARE produced sportswear, which turned out to be very popular in the brand’s homeland, Finland. The products were presented in large department stores, first in Finland and then throughout Europe and even in the USA.

In the mid-seventies, the brand appeared in the USSR. Remember the legendary shops “Birch”, in which foreign goods were sold for currency? FiNN FLARE was introduced to them and immediately fell in love with the Soviet elite. In the late nineties, a full-fledged distribution started in Russia. At that time, the diversity of foreign brands was not as significant as it is now, and FiNN FLARE quickly began to win the love of millions of buyers. This allowed, on the basis of the Russian representative office to create a separate design bureau FiNN FLARE. Under the watchful eye of designers from Finland, using all their many years of experience, they began to create clothes in the Russian division, taking into account the specifics of our climate and consumers. Expanded the range, strengthened the line of outerwear. So the FiNN FLARE became the first European brand whose clothing was fully adapted for Russian buyers!

Экспресс доставка по Москве!

Finn Flare:ЭКСПРЕСС ДОСТАВКА Интервал доставки с 19:00 до 23:00 Регион: Москва Ограничение по времени формирования заказа: до 15.00 Стоимость доставки – 300 рублей При сумме выкупа более 10 000 рублей – доставка бесплатно

Бесплатная доставка по Москве и Московской области!

Finn Flare: Ввод промо-кода не требуется. Акция распространяется на определенную группу товаров. Акция доступна для всех клиентов магазина. Минимальная сумма заказа 2500 рублей.
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