49cc Single Cylinder Air Cooled 2-Stroke Scooter SUV ATV For Wheelman


49cc Single Cylinder Air Cooled 2-Stroke Scooter SUV ATV For Wheelman

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Description: G-Wheelman like skateboard control, “the driver” take advantage of the body’s inclination to master direction. Its topest speed is about 35 km / h. G-Wheelman is about 1 meter, 30 centimeters high Equipped with electronic ignition with 49cc 2-stroke engine, driven by a mixture of gasoline premixed oil. Engine throttle and brake lever control, disc brakes can be easily braking. G-Wheelman outstanding performance is due to its offroad performance of the tire is mounted, can drive on the beach, grass, mud and other complex road,etc. Specification: Brand: G-Wheelman Material: high quality ABS plastic Size: 100 * 35 * 30 (L*W*H) configuration and performance: Engine: 49cc / single cylinder / air cooled/ 2stroke (the license is not required) Fuel tank: 1 liter (can travel a half hour) Gasoline: Oil = 25: 1 (car recommended ratio can be reduced after 500 kilometers of oil, gas stations go to buy a special 2-stroke oil) Starting method: Recoil start Tires: Off-road tire (the strongest grip, most durable service life) Speed: 35 km / h Brakes: Disc brakes Transmission: Centrifugal clutch with chain drive Hill climbing ability: 15 degrees Load: 120KG parts: a full set of tools + ratio drums Weight: 28KG Gross This wheelman scooter with CE certification, please click the link to down load: http://imgmgr.banggood.com/images/upload/2015/08/SKU255111 Certificate.jpeg Note: This Two Wheel Scooter will available from our US warehouse on 31th August. Free shipping to US in 3-6 business days Ship to Canada,Brazil,Mexico in 7-10 days in US warehouse, need to pay extra shipping fee. This product is temporarily not sold in other countries and Chinese warehouse is out of stock. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Package Included: 1 X 49cc Wheelman Mini Motor Skateboard Scooter


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