72V 4000W Electric Bicycle Brushless Motor Speed Controller For E-bike and Scooter


72V 4000W Electric Bicycle Brushless Motor Speed Controller For E-bike and Scooter

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Features: Suitable for Electric for electric bike & scooter Rated Voltage: DC 72 Volts Rated power: 4000 Watts Casing material: aluminium Maximum Current: 85 A 1Amps Under-voltageprotection: 63V The speed limit options: external jumper selection Thermal: aluminum shell and the substrate 3 phase 120 brushless motor Operating Conditions: -20~45 C Waterproof design Weight:5 kg Functions: Mute when start Speed limit Power cut brake Blockage protection Current limit protection Short circuit protection Avoid out of control 1:1 pedal assist function Undervoltage protection Self Learning: The Super mute function:Optimizing the design of motor and the control strategy, make the motor run with low noise,low oscillation and high output torque. Unique thermolysis function: With the advanced aluminium base heat technology to improve the effect of heat dissipation and the load flow of power component. Undervoltage current limiting function:Approaching the undervoltage,controller can lower the output current by itself to ensure the voltage above the undervoltage point, until the real voltage stop output. It can not only protect the battery effectively,but also increase the mileage. Instructions: 1. the power cord: coarse red + bold black + fine red line 2. three-phase motor line: thick yellow+ thick blue + thick green 3. white connector hall line: fine red + fine black + fine yellow + fine green + fine blue 4. turn the line: fine red + fine green + fine black 5. red head 3 gear: thin pink + thin black + thin coffee 6. white head electronic reversing function: fine black + white & blue 7. red connect anti-theft 5 pin: red line + blackline – blue :Electric door lock line, grey line:signal ,white yellow line :Driving alarm 8. high level power off function: fine white line 9. cruise function: fine orange line 10. green head instrument line : thin purple line Note: ChoosePhase : two fine yellow lines connect is 60 degrees, don`t n connect is 120 degrees. cruise line: NO plastic orange thin line Connector connect the negative is the cruising function then connect again to relieve the cruising. Package Included: 1 X 72V 4000W Electric Bicycle Brushless Motor Speed Controller


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